Wellbeing Day is the biggest event in the WinterFest calendar and this year it’s bigger than ever, with lots to see, do and discover.

On Saturday, February 10, the Community Centre will be a hive of activity from 10am in the morning with a host of stalls, arts and crafts workshops, musical performances and more.

There’ll be workshops on watercolours, printing, embroidery, pottery, ropework and paper making taking place throughout the day. Workshop artists & makers will also have displays of  their works ( available to purchase) and be able to provide information about techniques, materials used & useful links/contacts to take skills further in pursuing an art or craft. More details can be found on the poster on this page and in other posts in the news section.  – or contact Nicky Sheales for information and to book.

On the stage , there’ll be performances from the Winter Choir, Brightlights, Hope in Harmony and Shout, with workshops from DDMix and Bright Voices. These take place a half-hourly intervals from 10am to 1.30pm.

Community Groups

Besides the activities taking place in the main hall there is a host of community groups and activities in Meeting Room 1, including:

  • Facepainting
  • Tombola
  • Age UK
  • Colchester Samaritans
  • Lads Need Dads
  • Tendring CAB
  • Alzheimers Society
  • B’sea Lido regeneration group
  • Mid and NE Essex Mind

Meanwhile, in Meeting Room 2, you’ll find our Wellbeing Workshops:

  • 10am – 11am Mindfulness taster session

Life is getting tougher for some. Imagine your mind as a pond, and it starts to rain, the rain drops are our thoughts and they cause ripples. The thought drops increase in size and they get heavier and heavier. The pond gets cloudy, you can’t see, it’s not clear, there’s too much going on. Mindfulness, can help train your brain to stop the rain. Not altogether perhaps but at least not so heavy. It’s about being in the now, the present. Being quiet for a while and taking a step back. It’s fantastic for relieving anxieties of all kinds and can go towards improving your mental health. Professional athletes are doing it, world Leaders are doing it, public speakers are doing it! And us. Come and try it.

  • 11am – 12pm Creative Writing
  • 12pm – 1pm Dementia Awareness
  • 1pm – 2pm TaDah Storytime for young children 

The Ta-Dah! workshop is a “Five Senses” experience. During the workshop/story telling, you’ll get to not only touch, hear and see, but taste and smell things too! The session is suitable for all ages and needs; everyone is welcome!


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