Yes, you can write!

by | Jan 26, 2018 | News

Yes I Can…write is the title of a one hour workshop being held during Wellbeing Day in the Community Centre on February 10 as an introduction to creative writing – fiction, non-fiction, prose and poetry.

If you have always suspected that a book, article or poem lurks within you, this short and sharp workshop will help you find it. A range of short activities to suit most interests. No equipment required, we will supply paper and pens, just bring your enthusiasm. There are some basics that apply to all creative writing, these will be our starting points and then you will have the opportunity to write, practical support given if ideas are in short supply. I’m not going to be prescriptive about the subject of your writing, any topic will be great but something around Mental Health/ill-health and/or Well-being might be appropriate. Wouldn’t it be great if we ended up with a few paragraphs to share with the Winterfest community (anonymously if you like)?

The workshop takes place in Meeting Room 2 at the Community Centre from 10am to 11am. Call Helena on 01206 307477 or 07557140703, or contact for further information and to reserve a place.

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